The spotLESS Materials Team - April 22, 2022

A spotLESS Earth Day!

— a time to reflect on our planet and how to protect it

Observed and celebrated for 52 years, Earth Day has become a yearly celebration of conservation and the wellbeing of our planet in which we inhabit. However, it is commonly understood that the responsibility and stewardship towards our environment saliently calls for more than a single day of dedication. It takes constant commitment and effort — by anyone and everyone who seeks a clean and prosperous future for our Earth.

Over the past week or so, we have been asking our staff two questions regarding Earth Day and individual, environmental stewardship — from cutting down time in the shower to checking tire pressure, we learned that each of us can do our part to keep our planet healthy and happy.

What does Earth Day mean to you?

“Earth Day to me means that we only have one Earth and we need to cherish and protect it!” - Tak-Sing Wong (Co-Founder and CTO)

“To me, Earth Day is a reminder that we are stewards of this planet. The Earth is a precious gift, so let’s treat it as such!” - Birgitt Boschitsch (Co-Founder and CEO)

“Earth Day reminds me of the vanishing Athabasca Glacier in Canada and the drying Lake Mead. Visiting these two places really shocked me. Our Earth is not a stable environment, it changes everyday. We should be prepared and adapt to it” - Nan Sun (Senior Research Scientist)

What are some small changes we can make day to day to help protect our planet?

“Everyone has different circumstances and resources that influence the specific ways that they can contribute to being stewards of this planet on an individual level. With that in mind, I like to spend a little time reading the latest studies or articles to understand where the biggest sources of our carbon footprint might be today. This was my latest read, and I was surprised to learn that a car’s fuel efficiency decreases by 0.2% for every 1 PSI decrease in tire pressure — so if you have a car, checking the tire pressure is a simple way to keep your carbon footprint in check.” - Birgitt

“To help protect our planet, the most important thing everybody can do is reflect on their routines and identify areas of wastefulness or excess. Even making small, incremental changes can add up to big savings, so drastic measures aren’t needed to show appreciation for the earth. For example, I have cut down my shower time and found other ways to reduce water usage.” - Sara Korsunsky (Product Engineer) 

“Changing thermostat settings, composting at home, drinking filtered water instead of buying bottled water, recycling all the recyclables.” - Nan

That being said...

Across the nation, everything becomes full of color and we get the sense of a true, fresh start. We must value and treat this annual celebration as a time to appreciate conservation, cherish nature, and involve ourselves in environmental education. It is so important to not only recognize our progress thus far, but to not forget about what is before us: Advancing toward a cleaner, healthier and more balanced planet Earth.