How to Build a Sustainable Cleaning Routine

How to Build a Sustainable Cleaning Routine
When it comes to home cleaning, it may seem daunting to stay green. Chemicals, single-use materials, and an excessive amount of water all contribute to a harmful routine that can feel hard to avoid. While your home may look spotless, you’re likely doing more harm than good to the environment. With that being said, spotLESS Materials is here with some easy, low-intrusion methods to implement in your cleaning that will do more to support the earth!

On average, every American produces about 5 lbs of trash every day.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

One major issue with most cleaning products is their chemical nature, which hurts the earth both in their use and in their creation. Eco-friendly products are easy to make, can save money, and don’t cause any harm to your family. There are plenty of options out there from all-purpose to glass cleaner, even air fresheners and dusting sprays. Using ingredients like isopropyl alcohol, vinegar, and essential oils, are more sustainable than the typical chemical product. These DIY solutions aren’t just good for nature, it’s also cheap and fun to create! Make your own scents and combinations, and know you’re helping do your part!

No more single use

While single use materials are the most convenient to use, they are incredibly damaging to the environment. Companies like Swiffer have saved many people time, but have created a considerable amount of damage to the environment that will take time to reverse. These products take an unbelievable amount of time to break down, let alone the harmful chemicals they leach into the natural world. To sweep, invest in a good, old broom and dust pan, which works just as well as a single-use, and will help tackle larger waste like rocks and crumbs.

Another frequent source of waste is in wiping materials. Paper towels are very convenient, but harm the environment and promote deforestation and water usage. In fact, It takes 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water to make one ton of paper towels, and in the United States alone over 3,000 tons of paper towels get thrown away EVERY DAY. The solution here is easier, investing in reusable rags or clothes for all sorts of tasks. Whether it’s wiping the counters, the floors, the bathroom, or the windows, there are reusable solutions that won’t use so much of our natural resources.The Earth is in need of help, and small changes from all of us will help correct the damage that’s been done in the past. 

One super easy way to make your routine more sustainable?  Try spotLESS! Our products reduce mineral buildup, sludge, and more, and make it easier to keep your home clean for longer.