How to Winter-Proof your Home

How to Winter-Proof your Home

After the leaves have fallen and the days start to get even shorter, making sure your home is winterized can help conserve heat and electricity. A few simple tasks can help make sure you and your family are ready to relax and relish in the upcoming winter wonderland!

Clean your gutters

Cleaning gutters can be tedious and not the most pleasant, however, it is very important. Leaves and other debris can start to clog gutters preventing rainwater or melted snow from draining properly. This does not only damage the gutters but also for the roof and foundation of the home. By making sure the gutters are clean, you can protect your roof and the foundation of your home as well as decrease the chances of basement flooding!

Check your smoke detectors

People have a day marked in their calendars for when the time springs forward or falls back. What about a day when they check their smoke detectors? The loud chirping noise that wakes the baby and the dog barks at is a sign of the battery needing replacement. When keeping the house warmer, the chances of a fire occurring. Keep your family safe by checking the smoke detectors regularly.

Tune up the furnace

Did you know that HVAC systems should be checked about two times a year? Having a pro come check on the unit can help the longevity of the unit as well as make sure it is performing at optimal level. This will also help the energy resources costs in the long run.

Winterize the pipes

In the winter, around 30% of insurance claims come from homeowners in reference to a water damage issue. By winterizing the pipes you can help prevent potential damage as well as protect the pipes from the drastic changes in temperature.

Double-Check doors and windows

Heat loss can increase expenses and put more pressure on the HVAC unit. By checking doors and windows, you may notice small cracks or openings. These cracks are the cause of heat loss and there are a few remedies to this issue. You can either add caulking or weathering stripping where needed. When in doubt, call a professional and ask for assistance.

Conserve resources, save money, and stay warm this winter!

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