Let’s Talk About: Spring Cleaning

Let’s Talk About: Spring Cleaning

— And the spotLESS Solution to Your Stickiest Problems This Upcoming Season

It's that time of year again. There's that smell. Nope, not the scent of fresh lilacs and apple blossoms — it’s coming from the bathroom, again. 

Spring has officially sprung, and what’s this season without fresh starts? Our favorite way to welcome a new season is with spring cleaning! This practice of shedding household excess accumulated during winter and performing an overall cleanse to usher in a new season has been around for ages; what has also been around for ages is mundane, repetitive, and outdated checklists.

These checklists emphasize more cleaning, more often, more thoroughly — which usually means spending more money and wasting more time. In other words, these checklists set yet another tired and uninspiring expectation: a fresh start requires you to do more. Everyone craves a clean home, and during a time where we already have countless responsibilities, we don’t need additional pressure from our cleaning routines. Year after year we see progress in making our lives simpler and more efficient; however, we have yet to apply these concepts to our sanitation routines. For far too long, society has accepted the way things are. Now, it’s time to cultivate our notions toward promoting an advanced method of spring cleaning by adopting new technologies and practices.

This spring, we’re shattering the idea that a cleaner home requires more work with a new concept in cleaning: bathroom coatings that repel gunk and grime, no elbow grease required.

Almost four years ago, spotLESS Materials transformed its advanced technology to create a plant-inspired, hydrophobic liquid formula capable of repelling sludge, hard water stains, and more. This self-healing coating is referred to as the “Liquid-Entrenched Smooth Surface” — hence, the origin of -LESS in our name! 


Sinks, tubs, toilets, and many other household appliances endure rigorous use, and in return they amass multiple types of stains and sludge. These issues usually go unnoticed until they’re very obvious, making it much harder to remove the grime or clean the surface.

The most common issue is hard water stains and streak marks:​ Buildup of deposits from calcium, magnesium, and iron will make appliances’ once pearly-white appearance look cloudy and stained, as additional mineral breakdowns account for the dark marks commonly found on bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

When faced with situations, a majority of people will most likely race to the internet to click on the first link with a catchy headline. Individuals who do such may come across some interesting methods, none of which will be the easiest, quickest, cheapest, or most effective. Don’t consider using pumice stones either — while it may temporarily rid surfaces of stains, those stains will come back with a vengeance and stick even more than they initially did.

 But you can now put your cleaning stressors aside and look no further…  


Rather than fighting “sticky problems” by cleaning almost every single day, we found that it’s most efficient to prevent both grimy surfaces and repetitive cleaning practices all together!

 spotLESS coatings were originally developed to repel human waste in regions faced with the combined threat of water scarcity and sanitation crisis, so we have a lot of experience developing these coatings. Our coatings confer features that not only rid your household items and appliances of gross buildup, but to make sure this guck doesn’t return.

Unlike run-of-the-mill surface cleaners that require frequent and consistent use, delivering the same meaningless results, spotLESS preventative coatings provide continuous protection against dirt and grime. Our coatings offer self-cleansing-defense and prevention against sludge, minerals and more ultimately, eliminating multiple steps of cleaning those obnoxious sticky problems. As the initial layer degrades after use, we recommend using our Maintenance Spray once a week to ensure optimal performance and appearance. 


Still a little unclear? We completely understand that this is a proposition toward a new paradigm for cleaning. However, this new paradigm will definitely be worth the change! For those who may question the effectiveness of a “slippery” approach to cleaning, this method actually goes beyond cleaning — The smooth, silky finish increases the prevention of mineral deposits, sticky solids, or liquid stains from ever adhering to surfaces.

When creating this product, our technical experts were inspired by nature (specifically, the Nepenthes pitcher plant) and utilized the physical and chemical principles to accurately design and formulate the technology. In addition to being nature-inspired, our products are nature-friendly! The coatings do not contain toxic chemicals like PFAs or dioxins that contribute to water pollution. Our main ingredient is silicone, a polymer that naturally degrades without making any negative environmental impact. Saving water while conserving our planet is the name of the game! 


This spring, let those tired, old spring cleaning lists take a back seat. Take advantage of modernizing and simplifying your routine with a remarkably easy, ingenious approach toward cleaning: Prevention. Let our coatings take your cleaning habits to a whole new level.

spotLESS Materials is passionate about transforming technology with great potential into technology with great impact. If you have any questions, let us know!

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