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Glass Treatment Kit

Glass Treatment Kit

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spotLESS Materials Glass Treatments are state-of-the-art hydrophobic coatings that stand out from alternative hydrophobic coatings in their ability to repel liquid and viscoelastic solids. The technical performance of these coatings in the context of viscoelastic solid repellency has been rigorously assessed scientifically and the results have been documented in peer-reviewed publications. These results, including comparisons with alternative coatings, can be found in technical literature.

The spotLESS Materials Glass Treatment can be applied in ambient conditions with the spray nozzle packaging and a paper towel, cloth, or rag. We recommend pre-cleaning the glass with Cleaner, applying the Glass Treatment, and using the Cleaner to remove any haze or residue due to excess Glass Treatment. 

Our Cleaner is a standard alcohol-based glass cleaner intended to minimize streaks and prepare a glass surface for spotLESS Materials coatings such as the Professional Collection Glass Treatment. It is also intended for efficient removal of haze caused by residual Glass Treatment during the initial application. Use as you would a generic glass cleaner. 

Not intended for use on surfaces that come into contact with food or for flooring of any kind.

Product Volume: 1 oz (30 mL) per bottle. 

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Why do I need a bathroom coating?

Repel sludge, minerals and more

• 95% less hard water stains

• 90% less sticky

• Applies in under 5 minutes

Clean lightning fast

spotLESS coatings dramatically slash your time spent cleaning. With just one swish of a toilet brush, all dirt and grime will be removed! Say goodbye to stubborn hard water rings for good.

Reduce toxic chemicals

All of our products are free of PFAS, phthalates, ammonia, and bleach. A complete list of ingredients can be found here.

Use less water

spotLESS Materials ensures your bathroom will stay sparkling clean while reducing water usage for cleaning.

spotLESS Technology Advantages

Impenetrable Liquid Layer

When the coating is applied, it instantly forms a liquid infused nano-brush, acting as a tiny sponge that retains liquid lubricant.

Super Slippery = Easy Clean

The super-slippery layer prevents and reduces liquid, mineral deposits, or sticky solids from adhering, making an easy- clean surface.

Quick Refresh

As lubricant layer degrades with flushing, use Maintenance Spray to replenish the coating to its original slipperiness!

Inspired by Nature

spotLESS coatings utilize biomimicry technology, based on the Nepenthes pitcher plant, to prevent dirt and grime from sticking to surfaces. Learn more