Save time + effort on cleaning

Rethink clean: spotLESS coatings create ultra-slippery surfaces that will keep your household cleaner for longer.


Change the way you see the road.

Explore anti-icing and anti-fouling capabilities for your vehicle.

  • How it works

    When the coating is sprayed, it instantly cures to form a liquid infused nano-brush, acting as a tiny sponge that retains liquid lubricant.

  • How it works

    The super-slippery layer prevents and reduces liquid, bacteria, mineral deposits, or sticky solids from adhering, making an easy-clean surface.

  • How it works

    As lubricant overcoat layer degrades with flushing, apply a few squeezes of Maintenance Spray into toilet bowl and spread around with toilet brush to renew the coating.

After using this stuff for about a month, I would highly recommend it. It makes clean up so much easier and I am not using cleaning products weekly anymore. I used the toilet spray and then use the maintenance spray every other week. It is satisfying to see everything flush down with a single flush.

The products reduce the need of frequent scrubbing and keep my bathroom and windows spotless! The products free up my time and reduce the total water that I would otherwise use to scrub!

Works very well and I am very impressed. When they claim that nothing sticks and bacteria doesn’t grow on the porcelain surface they are not exaggerating. It’s nice to see honesty in advertising. This is worth using.

I have been using the products now for just about 3 weeks and am SO impressed! My toilets are staying virtually SPOTLESS! We have a bidet seat because of limited mobility, so stuff always gets sprayed around in our toilets after use. This stuff literally just sheds it right off into the water. When I clean them each week, to be able to use the maintenance spray, I almost don't even have to. Don't love the smell when applying the toilet spray, but it's totally worth it for the benefit of my toilets staying clean! I will be reordering in the future for sure!

We live in a house where we get water from a well. There are lots of mineral build up on the porcelain here. I am amazed at how slick the service is once you prepare it and spray on the coating. This will be a huge help in keeping things cleaner longer. :)

We have used it on three toilets so far, and after a month, it has passed the test with flying colors. It is GREAT! Our toilets had developed micro-pitting as a result of my naively using pumice stone to clean the rings for years. I suspected that the increasing frequency of stains were because of this, which is why I did some Googling and found your product. Well done — it is excellent stuff.

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