Less. Time. Cleaning.

spotLESS ultra-repellent coatings save time and effort in cleaning your least-favorite places.


Snow? No problem.

Explore anti-icing and anti-fouling capabilities for your vehicle.


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Home Collection

Bathroom fixture coatings that keep surfaces free from stains, mineral deposits, and more. 


State-of-the-art automotive treatment to keep your vehicle clean in all weather conditions.

Professional Collection

For the professional with field-specific liquid-, sludge-, or bacteria-repellent needs.
Visit our collection, or reach out to us to see what coatings are best for you.

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See how spotLESS coatings compare to State-of-the-Art hydrophobic coatings.

Our synthetic poop slips right off!

Research at spotLESS Materials

spotLESS Materials is powered by its research team. Comprised of experts in materials, mechanical, and bio-inspired engineering, spotLESS Materials is actively engaged in research projects aiming to address global challenges and commercial interests. Our collaborative team often works with other organizations to explore materials and engineering solutions to unique industry needs. Sponsored research initiatives is one of the many ways you can work with us.

If you are interested in exploring potential collaboration opportunities or in learning more about our coating, we would love to hear from you. Contact us directly at research@spotlessmaterials.com

Looking to make a tax-exempt purchase for research? Contact us at sales@spotlessmaterials.com with your order and exemption certificate.