Windshield Treatment Kit
Windshield Treatment Kit

Windshield Treatment Kit

spotLESS Materials Windshield Treatments are state-of-the-art hydrophobic coatings that stand out from alternative hydrophobic coatings in their ability to repel liquid and viscoelastic solids, keeping your windshield clear of rain while also rendering the glass more repellent to sticky substances such as insect residue and bird waste. The technical superiority of these coatings in the context of viscoelastic solid repellency has been rigorously assessed scientifically and the results have been documented and reviewed by prestigious scientific third parties. These results, including comparisons with alternative coatings, can be found in technical literature.

The spotLESS Materials Windshield Treatment can be applied in ambient conditions with the spray nozzle packaging and a cloth/rag. We recommend pre-cleaning the glass, applying the Windshield Treatment, and using the spotLESS Cleaner from the Automotive Collection to remove any haze or residue due to excess Windshield Treatment. 

1oz of our Windshield Treatments can cover roughly 2 windshields. 

Our Cleaner is a standard alcohol-based glass cleaner intended to minimize streaks and prepare a glass surface for spotLESS Materials coatings such as the Automotive Collection Windshield Treatment. It is also intended for efficient removal of haze caused by residual Windshield Treatment during the initial application. Use as you would a generic glass cleaner.  
Our customers expressed the most excitement over the following features of our Windshield Treatments:

  • General easy-clean capabilities 
  • Superior rain-repellency
  • Easy ice removal in cold regions
  • Easy removal of insect splatter