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Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

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Keep Your Toilet Sparkling with the spotLESS Silicone Toilet Brush

Tired of toilet brushes that wear out quickly and don't get the job done? Introducing the new spotLESS Silicone Toilet Brush, designed to help you get your toilet cleaner than ever before.

Made of flexible, durable silicone, this 8" x 4" x 2" brush is the perfect tool to help you maintain a pristine toilet. The silicone bristles glide smoothly over the porcelain to remove stains and help spread toilet bowl cleaner and protective coatings evenly. 

The slender profile easily reaches difficult spots under the rim and along curves. Angled bristles provide extra scrubbing power to wipe away stubborn buildup. The non-porous material also makes the spotLESS brush simple to keep clean - a quick rinse keeps it fresh and ready for the next use.

Take your toilet cleaning to the next level with the spotLESS Silicone Toilet Brush. Get sparkling results and make scrubbing the bowl a little easier. Order yours today!

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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience with Our Revolutionary Coating: Unveiling Unmatched Benefits and Transformation!

Unparalleled Protection

Our advanced Home Collection coatings create a powerful shield that repels sludge, minerals, water, and more. Experience a pristine and hygienic bathroom environment with minimal effort.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Harnessing the latest innovations in liquid-entrenched smooth surface technology, our Home Collection coatings utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide unmatched durability and long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and hello to hassle-free surfaces in every room.

Clean Lightning-Fast

With our Home Collection coatings, cleaning becomes a breeze. The smooth and resistant surfaces ensure dirt and grime easily wipe away, saving you valuable time and effort. Enjoy spotless surfaces throughout your home with minimal scrubbing.

Sustainable Solution

Our coatings are designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable. By reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaners, they help you minimize toxic chemical exposure in your home. Additionally, they promote water conservation by reducing water waste associated with frequent cleaning.

  • Impenetrable Liquid Layer

    When the coating is applied, it instantly forms a liquid infused nano-brush, acting as a tiny sponge that retains liquid lubricant.

  • Super Slippery = Easy Clean

    The super-slippery layer prevents and reduces liquid, mineral deposits, or sticky solids from adhering, making an easy- clean surface.

  • Quick Refresh

    As lubricant layer degrades with flushing, use Maintenance Spray to replenish the coating to its original slipperiness!

  • Inspired by Nature

    spotLESS coatings utilize biomimicry technology, based on the Nepenthes pitcher plant, to prevent dirt and grime from sticking to surfaces. Learn more

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