Gen 2 Toilet Coating: A fresh new concept in cleaning

Gen 2 Toilet Coating: A fresh new concept in cleaning

spotLESS Materials is thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Home Collection line:  The Gen 2 Toilet Coating — our revamped spray-product seeks to disrupt the concept of cleaning by making active cleaning unnecessary altogether.

Our coating offers an unconventional and new approach toward keeping household appliances, fixtures, and surfaces clean. Our team’s research and efforts has led to the creation of a slippery protective layer that prevents undesirable accumulation of minerals and grime.

The driving motivation behind our product is to limit the frequency of cleaning by being able to keep surfaces fresh and pristine for an extended period of time — saving both time and money. Essentially, the improved product design gives way to simpler spraying at all possible angles, allowing prime coating coverage to every inch of your bathroom fixtures. 

Why spotLESS?

Fusing Science and Technology 

This isn’t just the new-and-improved version of any ordinary cleaning product — it has been established upon years of environmental influence through scientific research and development from spotLESS Materials Inc.

The technology was originally inspired through working with another organization funded by the Gates Foundation who held the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. The thought process behind our product development is rooted from a prominent issue that a multitude of individuals and communities face worldwide: Sanitation crisis and water shortages. Ultimately, we established the idea and developed the technology to allow human solid waste to be (re)moved with little-to-no water.

This technology was further published in Nature Sustainability as well as being covered by BBC, NPR, Scientific American, The Guardian, The New York Times, and more! 

Product Features

  • 5x increase in volume

  • 96% less mineral deposit 

  • 90% less solid waste adhesion 

  • 90% less water used for cleaning

  • Cut down on cleaning chemicals

  • Spray upside down and at all angles

  • Save water, without sacrificing bathroom aesthetics

  • Continuous fine mist spray allows for complete coverage without wiping

Our Growth, Integrity, & Commitment 

spotLESS Materials has raised over $2.8M in dilutive and non-dilutive funds to date with incredible support from the National Science Foundation SBIR phase I & phase II programs, Office of Naval Research, Y-Combinator, and more!

We carry 19 issued and pending U.S .and international patents in regions of key significance to our business strategies and additionally uphold several industrial partnerships at various stages.

Also, we have been accepted by two Fortune 500 companies in the automotive and consumer goods spaces at CES 2021 as well as placing as a Top 4 National finalist in the P&G Innovation Challenge. Most recently, we’ve been beyond grateful to accept the 2021 TechConnect Innovation Award, and being named in the Top 29 Cleantech Startups within the state of Pennsylvania.

We pride ourselves on being advocates for environmental stewardship — by reducing waste, saving time, and utilizing nature to create a sustainable and effective product for all homes!

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