Hey Dr. B — What Are Non-stick Coatings, and Why Should We Care?

Hey Dr. B — What Are Non-stick Coatings, and Why Should We Care?

spotLESS Material’s leader is a nature-inspired scientist and trailblazer within the biomimicry industry, transforming technology with great potential into technology with great impact. Previously in our spotLIGHT blog we sat down to speak with Dr. Boschitsch and covered topics from her background and expertise to her stance on environmental stewardship.

What exactly is this preventative coating?

Preventative, non-stick coatings aren’t the future — they are the present! Essentially, they provide continuous protection for household appliances against dirt, grime, and sludge. Our coatings also offer self-cleansing-defense and ultimately eliminates many steps of cleaning processes. The slippery finish increases the level of defense and prevention of mineral deposits, sticky solids, or liquid stains from adhering to surfaces.

Is it harmful to people or the environment?

NO! — Our products are nature-friendly! The coatings are free of all toxic chemicals, like PFAs or dioxins that contribute to water pollution. In fact, our product is inspired by the environment as well. The initial creation of our first product stemmed from nature, specifically, the Nepenthes pitcher plant. Its  physical and chemical properties are the backbone of how we were able to accurately implement the science into our technology. 

What is silicone and why do we use it?

Our main ingredient is a polymer called silicone. It was perfect for our  original concept as it naturally degrades while leaving zero negative environmental impact. Silicone is not only flexible and smooth, it’s also water and temperature resistant; thus, it is a supreme material for many cleaning applications. Lastly and potentially most important, it also helps save water when cleaning — further assisting the conservation of our planet. 

What is the future of household cleaning and beyond?

Here at spotLESS, we are motivated advocates toward eliminating all cleaning-generated waste, and that’s why our company’s technology is so centralized around the environment. It is critical to acknowledge the true value behind creative and effective tools, as the growing potential of utilizing biomimicry and nature-inspired ideas is among us. We must collectively look to nature as more than a resource, and take advantage of everything it has to offer in order to solve everyday problems. We may just be a small part of propelling this technology and promoting environmental stewardship, but we see an extremely bright future for this approach to cleaning.

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