Transform your cleaning routine:

Simple, Sustainable, spotLESS

Meet spotLESS Materials' Home Collection Kit— an environmentally sustainable, innovative group of products that reduce cleaning time, prevent messes, and keep your home immaculate for longer.

Upgrade Your Cleaning RoutineUpgrade Your Cleaning Routine

Less Cleaning, More Living

spotLESS Materials doesn't just clean - it keeps things cleaner, longer. Our advanced coatings prevent dirt and grime buildup, making subsequent cleaning easier and far less frequent. 
After applying our coating, simply swipe away messes with a toilet brush and you're done. And, refreshing the coating is as easy as a spray between uses.

No More Toilet Rings

Our Toilet Coating can effectively prevent hard water stain buildup by >95% compared to untreated surfaces.

A little goes a long way

One 1 oz bottle covers 5-6 toilets.
One 5 oz bottle covers up to 25 toilets!

Peace of Mind

No need to worry about stains accumulating or running to clean when guests drop by!

Hear from our happy customers

Stand with a multitude of satisfied customers who've discovered the transformative power of spotLESS coatings.
Make cleaning a breeze and your bathroom a showpiece.

It works!


We have extremely hard water, with mineral deposits on the toilet bowl. I tried the coating kit, using the toilet coating once then following up with the maintenance spray. The treatment definitely works. I plan on continuing to use the products on a regular basis.

- James B.

Seems to be a perfect product!


Toilets in our brand new house were retaining a lot of "evidence" of use. Found this, followed the really simple instructions, and now they look perfectly clean after every use!

- Steve K.

Works great


We are very happy that we tried this product! It works just as advertised and I am no longer having to clean toilets daily. I have already recommended it to friends.

- Karen B.



After one coat of this the inside of the bowl is like glass and "nothing" sticks to it. It has stayed clean and there are no longer hard water stains or a ring forming. I am very impressed.

- Lynne B.


Home Collection Kit (4 pack)
Home Collection Kit (4 pack)
Home Collection Kit (4 pack)
Home Collection Kit (4 pack)

Home Collection Kit (4 pack)

  • NO UNSIGHTLY STREAKS AND STAINS Coating products reduce unsightly streaks and stains on your toilet. No more worrying about embarrassing messes when guests drop by!
  • REDUCE HARD WATER STAINS Hard water can be a real nuisance, but with the Toilet Coating, those unsightly stains will be a thing of the past!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - With the Toilet Coating, cleaning your toilet is easier than ever! Simply wipe away any messes with a quick swipe of a toilet brush and you're good to go!
  • BIG TIME SAVINGS In just one, 1 oz bottle, you will unlock hours of time-saved cleaning or smelling bad odors. Each bottle can coat 5-6 toilets or 5-6 sinks, or cover approximately 2 glass shower doors. You work hard to maintain your home, so let spotLESS complement your routine and save you some time. Coating performance and longevity can be enhanced with Maintenance Spray (included!).
  • BUNDLE SAVINGS Save $12 when you buy the bundled Coatings + Maintenance Spray!
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    Discover the Science of Clean

    spotLESS Materials is built on extensive research and is inspired by the best designer - nature itself! Our innovative coating technology mimics the unique properties of the Nepenthes pitcher plant, resulting in a surface that prevents sticking.

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    Less. Time. Cleaning.

    With spotLESS Materials, you'll enjoy a cleaner home and a cleaner planet. It's time to redefine your cleaning expectations.